How Will the Coronavirus Outbreak Affect Us in the Future?

The outbreak will cause two significant changes in the world. First, it will be the economic system and secondly will be human behaviours. The economic area will have affected so much capitalism. However, this process will haven’t collapse capitalism, on the contrary, it will have won more refreshment. Because it loves chaos than other everything..

Max Weber Social Contract Theory

Peasant and Intellectual Society in Max Weber Thought

Max Weber, one of the most important representatives of the bureaucracy, observed the peasant and intellectual layer well. He says: These people appear different from each other but speak the same language. According to him, Humanity should find common points. However, the peasant’s religion-centred understanding of life makes this difficult. The fact that intellectuals live.

Social Contract Theory and Administration in the Context of Islamic Law

Islamic Law is a legal system based on revelation as well as it has a lot in common with the modern legal system. On the other hand, social contract theory examines both individuals and the public. He is also the founder of the culture of coexistence. Both Islamic law and social contract theory have developed.

Nizamülmülk and Political Treatise

Nizamülmülk is one of the important representatives of the administrative structure of the Great Seljuk State. He has created the traditional bureaucracy. His book “political treatise” is a famous work. It describes the systematic relationship between the state and the citizen. I also will share some quotes from this book. Story 21 “Sufyan es-Sevri said:.

The Merit System in The Early Years of Islam

The concept of merit is one of the rare subjects that public administration has been discussing since ancient times. However, this concept has not been fully understood in some societies. The most important reason for this is that the concepts of right and justice are not sufficiently adopted. This chaos often creates distrust towards management..

Human Cloning in Terms of Islamic Law

Cloning is the name given to the result of the process of recreating a copy of the cells. Thus, the clone becomes a part of the creation process without the need for the mother. However, this process, which is an important scientific development, also raises ethical questions. It is necessary to answer why cloning is.


Immigration in the 21st Century

Nowadays immigration is a serious problem. People are leaving their countries because of hunger, unemployment and wars. However, this is not a solution. The whole world must solve this problem together. There are about 5 million Syrians in Turkey. They are supported in many areas from education to health. Over $ 40 billion was spent.

Does the European Union Have a Social Contract?

The consideration revived in the ideas of Rousseau, Hobbes and Locke are called the social contract. It is based on the common aim of the people. In this theory, individuals are obliged to pay due respect to each other’s rights and freedoms. However, this responsibility has never been a compulsion. People demand a social order.