Nizamülmülk and Political Treatise

Nizamülmülk is one of the important representatives of the administrative structure of the Great Seljuk State. He has created the traditional bureaucracy. His book “political treatise” is a famous work. It describes the systematic relationship between the state and the citizen. I also will share some quotes from this book.

Story 21
“Sufyan es-Sevri said: The most successful of kings becomes friends with scientists. The worst of scientists also is friends with kings. p. 125.


Story 22
People’s complaints must be easily reported to the king. In this way, officers cannot persecute the public. The monarch must ensure that people feel free. p. 125.


“Lokman Hekim says: The best friend is science. Science is superior to the treasure. If you can protect the treasure science also protects you”. p. 125.


Everyone should be assigned a task based on their experience. The basic principle of the country should be merit. p. 234.


“If the King always listens to the problems of the citizen, he does not a necessity to worry about anything.” p. 282


Dr. Nurullah GÜNGÖR


Nizamülmülk, Siyasetname, trc. Mehmet Kanar, Say Yayınları, 4. Baskı, İstanbul, 2019.
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