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Social Contract and Justice

The concept of justice from the past to the present has been examined in many respects. However, the necessity of justice has always been a precondition. Because justice is very important not only for the authority but also for the survival of the individual.

Authority and justice are interrelated. There is no authority where there is no justice. This has been the case since Aristotle. Ensuring peace in society is an integral task. If there is a failure, it will be reflected everywhere.

Therefore, social conventions need a strong justice system to survive. The authority must ensure this. If people see the sacrifice of authority, they gain a sense of self-confidence. Freedom of thought and expression come to life in society.

This is a chain reaction. As long as justice is everywhere.

Because “The most necessary and perhaps the most difficult task in government is to show strict integrity in rendering justice to all, and above all to protect the poor against the tyranny of the rich.”[1]


Dr. Nurullah GÜNGÖR


[1] Jean-Jecques Rousseau, Discourse on Political Economy and the Social Contract, translated with an Introduction and Notes by Christopher Betts, Oxford World’s Classics, New York 1999, p.21.
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