Max Weber Social Contract Theory

Peasant and Intellectual Society in Max Weber Thought

Max Weber, one of the most important representatives of the bureaucracy, observed the peasant and intellectual layer well. He says: These people appear different from each other but speak the same language.

According to him, Humanity should find common points. However, the peasant’s religion-centred understanding of life makes this difficult.

The fact that intellectuals live isolated from society poses another problem. Weber considers intellectuals to be passive thinkers. Because directing society is the main duty of the intellectual. The intellectual who does not fulfil this responsibility will have no contribution to humanity. He underlines that intellectuals cannot go beyond searching for the meaning of life.

According to Weber, the peasant layer’s showing a fatalistic approach prevents them from advancing. Brains without questioning have no right to have a say in management.

The poor want to solve their problems with religious rituals. Actually, this is not enough for them. Societies that ignore scientific thinking doom to live far from civilization.

Dr. Nurullah GÜNGÖR

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