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The Dialectical Approach to the Islamic Social Contract


Islam involves the concepts of peace, tranquility and soundness within the religion. The name of this religion has given by the creator himself. Believe in the creator or not, Islam aims for people to live together in peace and tranquility. This understanding has stated in the articles of Medina Charter, which has accepted as the first social contract. This charter not only shows what kind of civilization imagined by Islamic society but also sets out the basic arguments of a universal attribute. Thus, in the Qur’an, which is the premier source of Islamic law, messages are given to guide societies about fundamental rights and freedoms and the limits of the dialogue between rights and duties are determined. In this article are examined the features, sources, management approach of the Islamic Social Contract which are not included in the classical and modern sources.

Keywords: Islamic Law, Social Contract, Medina Charter, Administration, Property.

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