Does the European Union Have a Social Contract?

The consideration revived in the ideas of Rousseau, Hobbes and Locke are called the social contract. It is based on the common aim of the people. In this theory, individuals are obliged to pay due respect to each other’s rights and freedoms. However, this responsibility has never been a compulsion. People demand a social order directly.  Social contracts are different from the constitution. Constitutions limit the power of government. Social contracts expand the authority of the people. The social contract occurs spontaneously. It wants to stop the chaos. It looks for a social consensus. It transfers sovereignty to the people. Therefore, society demands a state. The people also transfer some of their freedom to the state. In return, they expect security and social services.

Alright, does the European Union have a social contract? I think, short answer yes. Because people demanded social and economic rights. States leagued together on common rights. A new order was established. The social welfare state was created. There was cultural development. Happiness level increased. Most importantly the people wanted all these innovations. The EU also realised.

Best wishes.

Dr. Nurullah GÜNGÖR

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