Immigration in the 21st Century

Nowadays immigration is a serious problem. People are leaving their countries because of hunger, unemployment and wars. However, this is not a solution. The whole world must solve this problem together.

There are about 5 million Syrians in Turkey. They are supported in many areas from education to health. Over $ 40 billion was spent for Syrians. The war affects not only the immigrant but also all humanity.

International organizations are doing serious work on immigration. This is an important step. But not enough. The problem should be solved at the source. We should all aim at peace. If there is peace, humanity will advance and civilization will develop.

Human rights should expand all over the world. Freedom of thought and expression should be everywhere. The environment should be protected and organic foods should be produced. People should target to live in villages. Farming should be encouraged. City life should be organized. The literacy rate should be increased. Poverty should be reduced. Distribution of income should be equal. The welfare level should be increased. Production should be supported. Violence against women and children must end. Child workers should be prevented.

As we know, all people are siblings, religions, races, sects are just a colour. We have to love each other. We have nowhere else to go. This world belongs to all of us. Long live peace!

We have to do something for a more liveable world.

Dr. Nurullah GÜNGÖR


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