The Merit System in The Early Years of Islam

The concept of merit is one of the rare subjects that public administration has been discussing since ancient times. However, this concept has not been fully understood in some societies. The most important reason for this is that the concepts of right and justice are not sufficiently adopted. This chaos often creates distrust towards management. However, social order is supported by merit. Especially in Medina, Islam has created a new society and qualified human resources. It has achieved success in this way. All this has been achieved through merit. Thusly Islam is established on the principle of justice and right. Merit is an objective reflection of these principles. For this reason, merit is an absolute necessity for Islamic administration. Accordingly, there has been a great deal of effort to interiorise this understanding from the early years of Islam. In this article, not only Islam’s struggle with nepotism but also its attach importance to merit reviewed.

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